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Since its first episode in 1992, Egoli has eclipsed all records in the South African television industry. It became the first programme in any genre to reach 2000 episodes - in just under eight years. Aimed at women of all nationalities between the ages of 25 and 45, with middle or upper incomes, this daily soapie is intensely topical, clicking into current events and newsworthy

issues worldwide. First-time viewers can look forward to seeing international stars such as Joan Collins, Richard Steinmetz, James Horan, Perry Stevens and Samantha Fox in cameo appearances alongside South African celebrities and sports players. Producer Franz Marx says: “We produce Egoli for our viewers, and not for ourselves, so if our viewers don’t like a character’s clothes or hairstyle, for instance, we listen to that criticism, and make the necessary changes. It never pays to underestimate your audience.”
Cast:Brümilda van Rensburg, Eckard Rabe, Michelle Beling, Steve Hofmeyr, Shaleen Surtie-Richards, Cliff Simon, Tiffany Kelly, Chris Linford, Natasha Sutherland, Nicola Chapman, Louise Barnes, Tobie Cronje, David Rees
Channel Number:MNET
Country:South Africa
Director:Franz Marx
Film Genre:Drama Series
Language:Afrikaans + English
With English subtitles from episode 2629
Length:24 minutes X 4689 episodes
Producer:Franz Marx
Year:1992 - March 2010