A hard-hitting story that shows the gritty and dangerous realities of gangster life in Cape Town, The Sexy Girls also challenges stereotypes in the gang-movie genre by making its gangsters mainly female. A female gang called The Sexy Girls, who live on the edge of the underworld, snatch the hapless Milo from his staid, middleclass existence and plunge him headlong into their world of guns,

getaways and drug deals that go right or wrong. Milo is not an altogether unwilling hostage. He’s just discovered his wife’s affair, and in a suicidal mood has tried to gas himself in a dark street. Instead he lands up as the getaway driver for the girls, and soon he is hooked on the non-stop adrenalin rush of their life of crime. That excitement widens into moral considerations, however, as his relationship with gang member Tina begins, grows and deepens.
Cast:Jamie Bartlett, Ivan Lucas, Tina Scouw
Country:South Africa
Director:Russell Thompson
Film Genre:Action
Keywords:Gang life; Cape Flats; crime; female gangsters
Length:96 minutes
Producer:Richard Green, Michael Cheze & Leon Rautenbach