Starring the gravelly-voiced and tough-faced British actor Jack Hawkins, and with a screenplay by bestselling author Wilbur Smith, The Last Lion is an adventure about the epic duel between a hunter and a lion. A gravely ill American millionaire, Ryk Mannering, is in Africa on a final hunting expedition to track down and shoot a male lion. This lion has always eluded Mannering, who has trophy-hunted

more than 80 lions, and the hunter has become obsessed with the animal. Mannering hires a private doctor to keep him alive, and pays a local hunter to track down the lion. When Mannering ruthlessly kills a lioness with cubs, he infuriates both the hunter and the doctor. But he drives them mercilessly to hunt down the gracious male. In a fit of delirium he kills his quarry – and then collapses and dies himself.
Cast:Jack Hawkins, Dawid van der Walt, Karen Spies
Country:South Africa
Director:Elmo de Witt
Film Genre:Drama
Keywords:Trophy Hunting; bushveld; South Africa 1970's; Lion hunting.
Length:90 minutes
Producer:Kavalier Films