Hans, a proud fisherman with a passion for his calling, has high hopes that his son, Johan, will follow in his footsteps and become the owner of his own fishing boat. Johan, however, dreams of a life beyond the ocean. Yet, out of respect for his father, he finds it almost impossible to reveal his ambition. When he nearly dies during a devastating storm, Johan confronts his father and then storms out

of the house. Hans, unable to cope with Johan’s sudden departure, suffers a heart attack. On his deathbed, father and son reunite and reconcile. Made in 1953, this film is notable for starring André Huguenet, the great Afrikaans actor, director, producer and impresario. Furthermore, Herbert Kretzmer – one of the three writers who adapted DF Malherbe’s Hans-die-Skipper for the screen – went on to write the lyrics of the hit musical Les Misérables.
Cast:Albie van der Bijl, André Huguenet, Wena Naudé
Country:South Africa
Director:Bladon Peake
Film Genre:Drama
Keywords:Fishing communities 1950's South Africa; father and son relations
Length:90 minutes
Producer:Afrikaanse Rolprentproduksies